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Pet Spray 100ml


Spray for instant protection


Protection for your pets. Safe to use on insect bites, skin irritations (rashes) and wounds.


  • Pet Spray 100ml is the perfect size to fit in your bag or glove box.


  • A combination of pure water and charged silver ions, Pet Spray can safely be sprayed onto the affected area of your pet. (Note: some pets may be startled, or react badly to Pet Spray being sprayed directly on the face or eyes. We suggest saturating a clean cotton ball or tissue then gently dabbing or dripping on to affect area)


  • Safe to spray onto your own hands after picking up your dog's poo for your own personal hygiene and protection.


Pet Spray contains only pure water and charged silver ions and does not contain any nanoparticles (metal colloids), fillers, stabilisers or chemicals of any sort.


Pet Spray for peace of mind.



Pet Spray 100ml

VAT Included
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  • Does Ionic Silver bind with chloride in the body and become inert?


HW 100% Money-Back Badge.png