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Makeup Remover / Skin Toner with Hyaluronic Acid 100ml


Spray for instant protection




HealthWest's IS20+ Makeup Remover helps skin resist drying and premature aging, using natural, non-toxic ingredients.  Your skin will look fresh and feel noticeably softer. 


IS20+ Makeup Remover not only helps remove your makeup, you can use it as a spritz and give life to tired, rough, dry skin.


This unique formula contains antibacterial properties. IS20+ Makeup Remover, unique formulation nurtures and protects while improving texture and reducing the appearance of fine lines.  Your skin rapidly absorbs IS20+Makeup Remover, giving you silky, soft skin. 

As you age, your skin responds to all the elements, sun and wind, diet, air conditioning, sleep patterns etc. Doing the everyday sensible things - applying sun block, wearing a hat,  drinking lots of good water will inhibit your skin’s premature aging.  IS20+ Makeup Remover protects against dry, leathery, tired skin.  Now you can look as young as you feel with IS20+ Makeup Remover.




Stabilised oxygen acts to gently exfoliate the skin.  This action gives the skin a smooth, more refined appearance almost instantly.  From the first time you spray it on your hand (try one only) you will see and feel the difference within a minute. 


Most  exfoliants can be likened to sandpaper - grinding off the highs, but not penetrating the valleys and troughs of the skins surface.  The skin is left feeling artificially smooth by greasy or oily lubricants that effectively act as infill.  This may prevent the skin from ‘breathing’ and destroy its natural vitality. 


The vast majority of skincare formulations deliver a smorgasbord of chemical additives.  Many of the popular lines in the market place may actually reduce the skin’s natural vitality.  Some products will appear to smooth wrinkles or improve texture but are full of toxic add-ons.


Unlike most commercial skin care products, IS20+ Makeup Remover does not contain:


  • Lubricants or emollients such as mineral oil, petroleum jelly, Vaseline, lanolin, fatty alcohols or fatty acids which coat the skin with a greasy or oily layer giving an artificial sense of smoothness.
  • Emulsifiers such as sodium lauryl sulphate, stearic acid, carbomer, emulsifying wax and poly sorbates that are used because oil and water do not mix to form a cream or lotion.
  • Preservatives such as alcohol, benzyl alcohol, parabens, quartenium or chlorocresol used to prevent bacterial growth and prolong shelf life.
  • Gellants, which combine with alcohol, acetone, or water to make transparent gels that, thin out when applied to the skin.  Examples are hydroxymethyl cellulose and caroxmethyl cellulose.
  • Collagen and elastin are two ‘buzz word’ ingredients used a lot these days. The reality? The molecule is too large to penetrate the outer dermis and is of no real value.


Makeup Remover / Skin Toner with Hyaluronic Acid 100ml

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