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Pure Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid constitutes an integral component of the humic composition within nutrient-rich composting soil. This organic acid forms in minuscule quantities as a result of the collaborative efforts of numerous beneficial microorganisms. These microbes operate upon decomposing plant material within a well-oxygenated soil environment.

The resultant humus is gathered, immersed in distilled water, and then the ensuing solution is filtered and bottled after processing.

Of course, the extraction process entails greater complexity, with various conceivable methods to capture this mineral amalgamation. Nevertheless, the fundamental notion remains clear.

The proportion of genuine Fulvic Acid found in these mineral extracts can be exceedingly minute.

When purchasing 'Fulvic Acid' products containing minerals, you are essentially acquiring colloidal minerals infused with a trace amount of Fulvic Acid. The popularity of colloidal minerals soared due to a widely circulated internet cassette tape by Joel Wallach, titled 'Dead Doctors don't Lie', around two decades ago. This tape sparked global interest in and sales of colloidal minerals. Over the past decade, the scientific community delved into Fulvic Acid research, unveiling its remarkable properties. Consequently, most vendors of colloidal minerals rebranded their products as Fulvic Minerals or simply Fulvic Acid to reflect this newfound interest. However, the composition remains unchanged – they are essentially colloidal minerals with a minor Fulvic Acid component. We advocate for sourcing minerals primarily from your diet, and with the incorporation of Fulvic Acid into your regimen, external mineral or vitamin supplements might become unnecessary. This is due to enhanced nutrient absorption from the ingested food.

Fulvic Acid by HealthWest:

Diverging from the aforementioned technique, HW Fulvic Acid employs a proprietary method, which allows us to call it 'Pure'.

While we are unable to provide explicit details, the subsequent explanation sheds light on the matter:

"Scientists have now succeeded in identifying and isolating the precise microorganisms responsible for generating fulvic acid. By nourishing these beneficial microbes with pure organic sustenance within a meticulously controlled oxygen-rich environment, these organisms produce unadulterated Fulvic Acid."

HealthWest Fulvic Acid isn't sourced from the ground, hence it free of heavy metals, background radiation, or trace quantities of pesticides or other contaminants. It stands as an embodiment of absolute purity.


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